Piano Lessons For Beginners

Have you ever wondered what all those keys on a piano are called? Each black and white key has its own name. You may think as a novice, that you don’t need to know what every single key is called and you would be right, but there is a simple way to remember the names of every single white key on a piano keyboard.

Whatever keyboard you are using, the easiest way to memorize the note names is not to look at the entire keyboard but at just one part of the keyboard, for the reason that there are only seven white notes names to learn. after you have learned what these notes are called you will know what each white note on a keyboard is called.

So here are the seven white notes you have to learn. C, D, E, F, G, A and B. Some teachers would rather introduce these letters alphabetically, that is starting with A rather than C. This is just a preference, I would rather start on C because when you start to play the piano C, is going to be an important reference note and most beginners wont even play A on there first lesson, were as C will be an important first lesson note.

Once you have memorized the notes you will know what every white note on a piano is, well almost. We need to match the note names to the actual notes on the piano. As mentioned above, we are going to look at a section of the piano keyboard, but first I want you to look at the whole keyboard, just this once. If you don’t have a piano or a keyboard, you can easily find a picture on the internet of a piano or keyboard. Throughout the whole keyboard you should see a definite pattern of two black notes and three black notes and then again and again. Now, we want to pick one of these patterns or sections. I recommend you look to about the middle of the keyboard and find two black notes. The white note just before the two black notes is called C, now moving to the right, play the very next white note, this is called D and then the next white note to the right is called E. When you see this kind of pattern of two black notes anywhere on a piano keyboard, anywhere in the world, you now also know the names of the white notes

The next shape you are looking for is three black notes together and these notes are surrounded by four white notes. Starting from the left again these notes are called F, G, A and B. That’s it; you have learned all the white notes on a keyboard. The two black note and three note shapes are repeated on the whole keyboard and so are the notes. With a little bit of practice you should be able to find any note on the piano. Just remember that every two black note shapes are surrounded by C, D and E, and every three note shape is surrounded by F, G, A and B.

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