David has been a wonderful teacher, the kids have really progressed, he makes piano fun, gives out rewards, and really encourages them. We love him.’ Sharon

‘David comes to our house every Saturday and teaches the whole family. It is such a pleasure. He takes us all at our own pace and tailors our piano lessons to our own particular interests.’ Sara

‘I am a complete beginner who has no previous musical experience. I don’t practice enough and I have no natural talent! Despite these slight obstacles David has with patience, humour and kindness taught me to sight-read music and to play the piano well enough that the piece is recognisable and sounds pretty good. I look forward to my weekly lessons with David, knowing I will be challenged and nurtured at the same time.’ Karen

‘David is an amazing teacher, making lessons fun and easy to enjoy.’ Savannah

‘David has inspired Madison and given her the confidence to really have fun learning the piano.’ Victoria (Madison’s Mother)

‘David had me playing and reading music after my very first lesson.’ Julian, ‘a tone-deaf 40-year-old’
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